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COVID-19 Booster Vaccinations

See here for locationsThe NHS is offering a booster vaccine dose to people most at risk from COVID-19 who have already had 2 doses of the vaccine. Protection given by the COVID-19 vaccine decreases over time. A booster dose helps give you longer-term protection against getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

The booster vaccine is offered no earlier than six months and one week after your second vaccine. Bookings will be via the National Booking Service, Which is accessed either by calling ‘119’ or using the online booking system Click HereNBS Website. They will contact you when it’s your turn to have your booster dose. It’s important not to contact them for one before then. We are unable to access the National Booking Service and are therefore not able to book your vaccine for you.

You can attend a walk in session that is offering the booster vaccinations See here for locations

East Sussex residents who have no means to get to their COVID-19 vaccination appointment can book a free return journey to help them attend. To book free travel please book your vaccination appointment first and then call 01444 275 008 to speak to a travel coordinator.