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National Data Opt Out (Updated 20 Jul 21)

General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) 


The controversial mass collection of patient data will be delayed once again, the Government has said in a letter to all GP practices.

The General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) scheme was due to commence on 1 September after being pushed back amid campaigners’ warnings it would make sensitive patient data available to private firms.  

But health minister Jo Churchill said the new start date had now also been scrapped and that data would now only be gathered once three tests had been met.

She insisted the latest delay would ensure patients were given greater powers to opt in and out of the scheme.

In a letter sent to all GPs, Ms Churchill set out the three-point criteria under which data collection can commence:

  • The ability for patients to opt out or back in to sharing their GP data with NHS Digital, with data being deleted even if it has been uploaded.
  • A Trusted Research Environment is available where approved researchers can work securely on de-identified patient data which does not leave the environment, offering further protections and privacy while enabling collaboration amongst trusted researchers to further benefit patients.  
  • A campaign of engagement and communication has increased public awareness of the programme, explaining how data is used and patient choices.

Information regarding the Data Extraction is as follows:-

Patients personal confidential data will be extracted and shared with NHS Digital in order to support vital health and care planning and research. Further information can be found here

Patients may opt out of having their information shared for Planning or Research by applying a National Data Opt Out or a Type 1 Opt Out.  Details of how to Opt Out can be found on our Privacy Notice.  For the National Data Opt Out patients are required to register their preference below.

For Type 1 Opt Out they can complete the form and return it to their registered practice for action bas soon as possible