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About our PPG

We are an active group of patients volunteers who support the Practice. We want to help make our services as good as is possible for every patient.

Our group is a really useful link between patients and the Practice helping us work better together so the staff understand the viewpoint of patients on services.

You could join either our meeting group or if you have little time but are interested our virtual group so you can give us your ideas without coming to meetings.

We welcome patients aged 18 or over, particularly those with young children or teenagers, carers, patients with a disability, and those with long term conditions (such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes) who use the services of the Practice either regularly or only occasionally.

We especially encourage patients of working age to join the group as we realise that sometimes it can be difficult for you to access services.

Our Patient Group consists of:

Jackie Saul-Hunt & Lindy Latreille  – Co -Chairs,
Kevin Katner, Monika Betson, Tina Beadle, Pal Luthra, Ann Capon

From the Practice  – George Cooke – Practice Manager, Kelly Henham – Deputy Practice Manager

If you wish to contact the PPG you can do so via our email address [email protected]

Please note: The PPG does not deal with concerns or complains raised by patients. If you have a complaint to make regarding the services, please write to or arrange a meeting with our Practice Manager – Georgina Cooke.

Please note: The PPG is not a fundraising organisation for the Surgeries.