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Mr Keith Newman

keith newman

Keith Newman has been the Practice Manager at the Surgery since 2005 and has been involved with Healthcare since 1981 gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge. Prior to his tenure he was a Warrant Officer in the Royal Air Force Medical Services, serving for over 25 years.

Mr Keith Newman and Mrs Georgina Cooke are our practice managers and run the administration side of the practice. If you are concerned about any aspects of the care you receive in the practice, or have any suggestions, they are happy to talk to. Please telephone for an appointment.

Running a GP practice is a demanding business and as such we have a large range of administrative staff. We employ over 25 people with varying roles from receptionists, secretaries, dispensers and other adminstrative staff. We choose people we hope are helpful and interested in you as a person. Everyone is bound by strict rules of confidentiality.